Imagine how much information you have absorbed over the course of your own life. How many unwanted messages, opinions and forced beliefs have you taken on board that affect your life, and conflict with your conscious, here and now reality?

Remember when you have repeatedly tried to change a habit, only to cave in, or resume the usual behaviour after a short time. Ask yourself – are you in control?

The sub conscious can be a powerful ally, and it can also be an instrument of self-sabotage. When you can calibrate your conscious and subconscious to function harmoniously and without conflict, the congruence created provides a much greater level of mindfulness to succeed in achieving your goals, while remaining true to yourself.

When you choose to make positive changes in your life, you begin a journey that can set you free from old issues, behaviours and fears that have held you back.

The way people value themselves and consider their own self-worth, can often be measured when they will spend a fortune on upgrading and maintaining an expensive car to impress others, or endlessly pay money to keep up a bad habit, but are reluctant to spend anything on their own personal development, and finding their true potential.

Think of how your life could be with new positive thoughts and feelings.

Imagine how your life could be transformed by achieving the goals you seek.

If you feel that you are ready to begin making the changes you need to enhance the quality of your life, then contact me today and discover how good you can feel.

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Counselling / CBT / Mindfulness
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50-minute session = £60

Couples Counselling
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50-minute session = £70

Face to face 50-minute session = £75

NLP Coaching
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50-minute session = £75

Face to face or Zoom
50-minute session = £80

Face to face, Telephone or Zoom
60-minute session = £60
90-minute session = £85